Deadline for annual performance evaluations for Supportive Professional Staff and Academic Professionals extended to Aug. 31


Due to the extension of the work-from-home guidance and current remote-working arrangements for many supervisors and employees, Human Resource Services (HRS) is extending the deadline for FY20 performance evaluations for all Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) and Academic Professionals to Monday, Aug. 31, 2020.

The annual evaluation must be in writing and should be discussed with the employee in a confidential setting. Both the employee and the supervisor must sign the HRS Annual Performance Appraisal Certification form. This year, the certification is a fillable PDF form that can be signed electronically and you can download it from the HRS website. The evaluation must be completed, and the certification form — along with the written evaluation — must be submitted to HRS no later than Monday, Aug. 31, 2020, via email to This information will be added to the employee’s HRS personnel file. Supervisors should also review all employee job descriptions and update them as necessary during the annual performance appraisal process.

As a reminder, effective performance evaluation and coaching is an on-going process. Employees and supervisors should meet regularly to review job performance and expectations, identify goals, measure progress toward those goals, and plan for career growth and development. The annual performance review is an opportunity to document this process and to summarize discussions that have occurred over the previous year. In general, the employee performance evaluation should include a review of the responsibilities, requirements, expectations and qualifications of the position, and should be conducted by the immediate supervisor. Supervisors should develop a performance appraisal process or format that is best suited to the specific department and responsibilities of the position being evaluated.

HRS will notify the applicable department head of any outstanding evaluations or updated job descriptions beginning Sept. 1, 2020. If forms are not received by Sept. 15, 2020, HRS will notify the appropriate dean or vice president of the late submissions.

If you would like to receive additional information or assistance, please contact Pulchratia Smith at 815-753-6023 or If your department needs training in evaluating employee performance, HRS will work with you as needed. Departments needing assistance should contact the HR Center for Training and Professional Development at or Lesley Gilbert at 815-753-9196.

We hope this adjustment gives you additional time to prepare for — and complete — meaningful performance evaluations for your employees. Thank you for your service to the NIU community.


Pulchratia Smith
Director of Employee Services
Human Resource Services
Northern Illinois University

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