Changes to Extra Help Process

A review of the provisions in the State Universities Civil Service Statute (SUCSS) and Rules as they relate to the Extra Help employment category, has resulted in Human Resources Services making changes to the extra help hiring/recruitment process.  These changes are to assist departments with being able to quickly hire extra help support and to ensure compliance with the SUCSS statute and rules.   The Extra Help provisions of the Statute and Rules allow the University to utilize this employment category to meet casual and emergent needs that meet the following conditions:

  • the amount of time for which the services are needed is not usually predictable;
  • payment for work performed is usually made on an hourly basis; and
  • the work cannot readily be assigned, either on a straight-time or on an overtime basis, to a status (civil service) employee.

As you are aware, individuals that are hired in this capacity are limited to 900 hours and once they reach 900 hours cannot resume employment until 30 calendar days have elapsed.  Additionally, the compensation paid to an extra help employee must be within the range set for comparable civil service classifications.

The Statute and Rules require that the University fill extra help positions by referring applicants to the employing department from a list of acceptable candidates.  While Human Resource Services has been assisting departments in various ways to recruit applicants for extra help positions, Human Resources will be offering departments the following options for filling extra help positions.  These options include opportunities that are currently available to departments, but were not widely known.  The department will have to select from one of the options below to fill an extra help appointment.  The options for referring candidates for extra help positions include:

  • Referral from an existing hiring pool – Human Resource Services will be posting open pools to solicit candidates for office support and clerical type work.  Human Resource Services will review the candidates to determine if they are minimally qualified and will refer names to the departments as requests are submitted.  This will hopefully allow a department to fill needs quickly.  To be included in the established hiring pool candidates apply to the posting the HRS website.
  • Referral from existing civil service registers – Human Resource Services can inquire with candidates on current civil service registers to determine if they are interested in temporary work.  The resumes and applications of those interested are referred to the department for interview and selection.  This option has been used previously and departments have been pleased with the caliber of the candidates.
  • Posting of position – Human Resources will assist the department in posting the position. This option is recommended for specialized positions. The period for which the position is posted will be in accordance with university guidelines.   Human Resources will work closely with the hiring department on determining the acceptability of the candidates.

Once candidates are referred, the department will be required to interview the candidates and submit a hiring proposal for the candidate they would like to hire.

Departments wanting to fill an extra help position should follow the steps outlined under Hiring Process at

Additional information on extra help classifications is available at:  and guidelines on recruiting/hiring extra help are available at:

Questions regarding this change should be directed to:

Sandy Jakubiak

We look forward to working with you on these changes.

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