State of Illinois Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit

Human Resource Services would like to make you aware of an upcoming State-mandated Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit (also known as DEVA).  This is an audit of dependents who are covered in health insurance coverage through the State of Illinois and it is being performed to ensure that only eligible dependents are covered under the State Employees Group Insurance Program.  Central Management Services (CMS) has hired HMS Employer Solutions (HMS) to conduct the independent audit.  The audit period will begin on March 3, 2020 and will run through April 25, 2020.  Any dependents that are not certified through the audit will have their coverage though the State of Illinois terminated as of May 1, 2020.

HMS will be mailing audit letters to employees at their home address next week.  The letter will include detailed information of what is required to comply with the audit, how to submit required documentation, and contact information for HMS.  Employees will receive more detailed information in their personalized mailings, however, key information points of the audit process for all employees are as follows:

  • All employees of Northern Illinois University who cover one or more dependents on their State of Illinois health insurance are required to participate in the audit.  However, this audit will not verify biological or adopted children under the age of 26 who were previously verified during the 2015 DEVA audit.  If an employee is only covering a dependent child(ren) in this category, they will not receive an audit notification.
  • All required documentation should be submitted directly to HMS at the contact information listed in the letter.
  • The audit process will conclude on April 25, 2020.  Please make sure to comply with all requirements of the audit by this date to avoid losing health insurance for your dependents.
  • The mailing from HMS Employer Solutions is legitimate and your response is required.   Please watch for this important mailing to ensure that your dependents’ health insurance coverage is not jeopardized.

Once you have received your personalize letter from HMS, should you have any questions about the audit process, please direct them to HMS at the contact information listed in the letter.  HMS will be able to answer your questions and assist with any documentation issues that may arise.

Questions regarding this announcement can be directed to Human Resource Services at (815) 753-6000.

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