Payroll Guidance from Interim Human Resource Services Director Southard

Dear NIU Employees,

In earlier communications we indicated that we would share payroll decisions every two weeks.  This notification is to share information regarding how we are paying hourly employees during the pay period from 4/16 to 4/30 and salaried employees during the pay period of 5/1 to 5/15.

There is no change in payroll processing since the last payroll cycle.  Please continue to follow the information that was previously communicated.  During the last payroll cycle we returned to our more normal process, including reporting sick and vacation usage.  This process will continue for this current payroll cycle and going forward.

While we will continue to review payroll processing and decisions every two weeks, going forward, we will only communicate when there are changes in payroll decisions.

We will continue to be transparent and remain available to answer your questions.

Below is an important reminder on time reporting:

Time Recording and Accrued Benefit Tracking
It remains important for employees to continue to record time and benefit usage to comply with our FLSA rules and regulations. Employees should continue to report their time to their supervisors (i.e. via email or other remote method), however, written or electronic signatures will not be required.

For salaried employees, please continue to report hours of sick and vacation usage in a manner that you are able while working remotely.  For hourly employees, please continue to report your hours worked, as well as sick and vacation usage in a manner that you are able while working remotely.

Please refer to our HR website for up to date information. For payroll specific questions, please email, and our team who is working remotely to serve you will do their very best to answer your question in a timely fashion. Stay well!

Audrey Southard
Human Resource Services (HRS)

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